Why do I need a new windshield?

It’s just a chip. It’s just a crack; it’s not impairing my vision. The reality of all these things is that when it comes to your windshield they are all compromising the integrity of the glass that protects you from the road. Not only can it cost you to replace your windshield but if you don’t do it most traffic authorities will issue you a ticket if the crack impairs your vision.

When it comes to damage on windshields it is important not to procrastinate. Not only because it can save you from paying an unwanted ticket but it can also save you from spending money to replace an entire windshield. If the damage is only a small chip, most of these can be repaired for a much smaller cost then replacing an entire windshield.

Replacing the entire windshield is necessary for cracks, especially those that impede your view of the road. Not only does this ensure you have a clear view of the road ahead but if you do get into an accident your windshield will act accordingly. A pre-existing crack can compromise the integrity of your glass and cause the windshield to be much weaker than it was before.


The sooner you fix your windshield the better it is for your pocket book and the less likely it is that you’ll have to replace it. The longer you wait the more likely that dirt and daily wear will damage the glass further resulting in a chip becoming a crack. Replacing your windshield can seem low on things you’d like to spend money on, but in the long run safety comes first.