What’s a Remote Car Starter?

Vehicles are great at protecting us from the elements but one of the greatest luxuries to have for your vehicle is a remote starter. Remote car starters allow you to start your car from the luxury of your home, or from inside your work. This way the car is warmed up, and ready to go by the time you’re ready to leave. How do I get one of these for my vehicle you ask?


The first is that you paid for its installation when you bought a new vehicle. Many dealers give you the option to pay an extra fee to have a remote starter pre-installed into your vehicle. What do you do though if your vehicle is older and you didn’t get that option? You can always purchase a remote starter if one isn’t pre-installed. The prices on these starters vary depending on how many bells and whistles you want, but can be quite affordable for those who want that luxury in their vehicle.

There are several different types of starters including;

·      A smart remote starter – This type of starter uses wireless or 3G to start your vehicle.

·      Two-way remote starter – This starter displays information from your vehicle such as if the door is unlocked.

·      One-way remote starter – This type of starter is simple and will send the signal one way to start your vehicle.

remote car starter


Selecting the right starter can seem easy but you do want to make sure you do the appropriate research. Such as; vehicle warranty, will your insurance still cover the vehicle even if you make changes? What starting range are you looking for? Does it cover the distance from your house to where you park your vehicle? As well as ensuring that the remote starter you purchase comes with its own warranty. Make sure that you are doing thorough research before purchasing and installing a remote car starter to your vehicle. Purchasing the starter through a shop can ensure that the installation is done correctly.