Stone & paint chips on your vehicles


There it is on your car, another scratch. How did it get there? Why is it never long before another one seems to replace the one you just fixed? The truth is; stone and paint chips on your vehicle are a part of everyday life. There is nothing we can do to prevent the inevitable wear on our vehicles but we can ensure that we are repairing and protecting to the best of our abilities. 

There are two types of damage that can occur to the paint on your vehicle. One is simply a scratch to the surface of the paint. The other is a full chip in the paint of your vehicle. The full chip to the paint is what can cause deeper damage to your vehicle. Left untreated it can begin to form rust and damage the vehicle further. Therefore, protecting your vehicle before damage strikes can save you money. Bringing your vehicle to a professional repair shop like Uniglass Ziebart for paint protection is a great way to save yourself numerous repairs in the future.

One way to protect your vehicle is paint protection film. This is a transparent shield that is applied to key areas of the vehicle including;

·      Hood

·      Fenders

·      Mirrors

·      Front Bumper

This film can be both applied, and removed safely without altering the appearance of the vehicles original colour.

If you are looking for a more 360 protection of your vehicle Uniglass also offers a resin based sealant called Diamond Gloss. This gloss is applied to your vehicle after it has been buffed and provides protection against;

·      Premature ageing

·      Weathering

·      Acid Rain

This gloss even allows you to go a full year without polishing your vehicle because it keeps the paint finishing from dulling over time.

It is important to protect your vehicle before damages occur. Bringing your vehicle to professional establishments like Uniglass Ziebart  ensures the right selection of paint protection for your vehicle.

To protect moving forward, we recommend you protect your exterior paint finish with a clear, transparent shield applied wherever you need it most. Our protective adhesive film prevents debris from physically damaging the paint.

Diamond Gloss

Diamond Gloss