Repairing Your Windshield – Don’t Wait Until Spring!

Driving during the winter can be dangerous. Don’t make it more dangerous than it needs to be by driving with a compromised windshield. When your windshield has been damaged (cracked, chipped, or otherwise) it damages the structural integrity of the glass. This means it’s not functioning at 100% to keep you safe.

 Instead of waiting until spring to repair your windshield, it’s important to have it repaired as soon as you possibly can. Repairing a chip in your windshield early on can prevent a larger crack from forming, saving you money in the long run. The following are images of chips that can easily be repaired:

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A surface chip is one that only scratches the very surface of your vehicle’s windshield, and doesn’t enter further into the layers of the glass. A bullseye chip is noticeable by its circular pattern in the outer layer of the windshield; creating a darker area where the actual impact point was. A half moon is half of a bullseye.

In order for these minor chips to be repaired it is important that a trained technician repair them. This will ensure that your windshield is operating at full capability and you remain safe as you drive into better weather.