Spring Cleaning!

Spring is in the air (we hope)! With the warm weather approaching we instantly want to get to work cleaning out all the dust and clutter from our homes, but what about our cars? Our vehicles sustain the same type of dirt and clutter over the winter driving season. To get ready for those fun summer road trips and to get your car into summer driving mode here are a few things to add to your spring checklist.

ü  Clean all the winter dirt and grime from the exterior of your vehicle. During the winter the cities apply salt to the road to keep your vehicle from slipping and sliding. The only problem is that the longer this stays on your vehicle the more likely it is to corrode the exterior components of your vehicle. Bringing it in for professional exterior detailing gets all that off your car, and exposes any damage that may have occurred over the winter (like scratches). This is where we apply a protective wax to your vehicle to get rid of most of those scratches.

ü  Repairing your cracks and chips in your windshield. If you’ve been putting off getting that chip in your windshield repaired now is the time to do it. Quick repairs of cracks and chips can prevent cash from leaving your pockets further down the line. Our Uniglass Plus Ziebart in Prince Albert location will be happy to help you check this one off your list.

ü  Getting your car professionally detailed on the inside. During the winter, you’ve been getting in and out with your snow and salt covered boots. You’ve also been putting off cleaning it out yourself because its cold outside and who wants to do that? We do! We will professionally clean out the inside of your vehicle, and thoroughly disinfect it from those winter germs. This leaves you with a spring fresh vehicle.

Here are a couple extras to remember;

Spring check list 6th Avenue Car Wash

ü  Check your tire pressure

ü  Restock your in-car safety kit

ü  General car maintenance – oil change and windshield wiper fluid.

Bring your vehicle to the 6th Avenue Carwash & Uniglass Plus Ziebart to get started on your spring cleaning checklist. We’d be happy to help you with it.