Window Tinting...

Types of Window Tint

Some vehicle manufacturers have windows that come with a factory tint on the vehicle's windows, though that is generally only done on the rear windows. This “factory tint” is done by dying the glass. There is sometimes a degree to which the top of the front window is tinted to help reflect the sun's glare. This is especially apparent on older vehicles with stock windshields, as the graduated green strip is clearly visible.

Why people tint vehicle windows

There are many good reasons to do an aftermarket tint to a vehicle’s windows. For many vehicle owners, privacy is an issue. Depending on the level of tint there is the ability to make it hard for a driver to see in another vehicle's windows. Window tinting also blocks up to 99% harmful UV rays, which helps to keep the interior in better shape. Over time, this makes a significant difference in the value of the vehicle, as those with tinted windows tend to have less cracks in leather and less fading of dashboards.

Window tinting also reduces heat in the vehicle up to 70%, which is helpful for drivers who live in high heat climates such as the south. Another helpful byproduct of window tinting is it helps keep glass from shattering during an accident. While the windows of newer cars are all tempered or laminated, reducing the likelihood of sharp pieces cutting an occupant, the adhesive in window tint may result in fewer loose pieces of glass after the window is broken.


·     Our solar control films provide top performance and durability

·     Our film is resistant to scratches, chipping, fading, and bubbling

·     Window tinting reduces your car interior’s temperature considerably, saving on air conditioning and consequently on gas consumption

·     In the event of an accident, the film holds broken glass together, reducing the risk of injury

·     Tinted windows reflect light and increase your privacy while hiding car contents from sight

·     Tinted windows reduce the glare from the headlights of oncoming vehicles

·     Our film blocks most UVA and UVB rays, thus protecting your skin and your vehicle’s fabric and leather

·     Window tinting looks great and increases resale value

Window Tinting Laws

Window tinting laws vary from province to province and may change at any time. It is preferable to call your local police to know the regulations in effect in your province. Best efforts are made to ensure the accuracy of this Web site.


Hey Prince Albert, BOB is back!

Since 2014, paNOW has put the spotlight on the BEST OF THE BEST in Prince Albert and area. We call it The BOBs, and together with our readers, we recognize the city's finest in food and drink, nightlife, entertainment, shopping, mind and body, and more–hundreds of winners in all. And then we throw a huge PARTY! Last year over 10,000 area residents participated in the nomination and voting phase – casting over 500,000 votes – making the BOB Awards Prince Albert’s true (and BEST) People’s Choice Awards!


Nominations: May 8 – 28 

Nominations are open…right now! Get started with our app below! Nominations close May 28th. Make sure your favorites make it to the final ballot by nominating them today and often. (It’s okay to nominate yourself but you’re going to need all the help you can get so encourage your customers, friends and families to help you. Hint: use social media to get the word out.)

Voting: June 5 – 25 

After nominations close we’ll keep the three that receive the MOST nominations and discard the rest. Yes, it’s harsh but so is life. And no whining either! The rules are the rules and if you want to be the BEST you’re going to have to campaign for it! Check out our BOB voting package for ‘campaign materials’ such as Facebook banners for your page.


Winners will be announced on September 15th.

BOB Awards Party Info 

The party is in the planning stages. We’re working to feature the best chefs and entertainment. It will be a party to remember! The date is Friday, September 15th. Keep checking back for details.

Preparing your car for winter

With winter fast approaching you may think the only thing you need to do to prepare your car is put on your winter tires. But that’s just Canadian winter driving 101. Here are 3 things you can do to prepare your car for the winter driving that awaits you.


First things first, change your wiper fluid to the appropriate winter solution. Many of us forget that we don’t have to use a year round solution in fact there are specialized formulas designed for that winter slush that dirties up your windshield. These solutions prevent it from frosting up when it hits cold air on your windshield, and suddenly you’re looking at ice instead of the road.


Secondly take your car in for a tune up. Colder weather can stress out your car. Make sure you are keeping it in top running condition to avoid breaking down when you’re out and about.


And last but certainly not least; always keep an emergency kit in your car. Making sure you are prepared for the worst case scenario will ensure you avoid a potential tragedy. Some basics for your winter emergency kit should include;

An emergency blanket and extra clothing – to help you keep warm,

A shovel – in case you get stuck,

And some food and water – protein bars and even candy to help keep your sugar levels up.

You may never need your kit, but it is better to have it and not need it; than need it and not have it.


Now that you have covered your bases you are ready to drive out into the Canadian winter. This means enjoying more time with your family and going to do all the fun winter activities you want instead of being cooped up inside. Bonus tip: Rinse off your car every once and a while as salt that is used on the roads can be damaging to the paint on your car.